• Roy Nahra

The Proper Street Taco

Let’s get something out of the way: if it comes in a hard shell, it is not a

street taco. Although the street taco can be had casually and – as the name

implies – on the go, it is by no means a ground-beef, fast-food item you get

off the drive-thru.

An authentic street taco is deftly prepared on a cart by a street vendor

or by a team in a taco truck. Beef, chicken, and pork are chopped into small

pieces and placed on two small corn tortillas. The meat is seasoned, giving

the street taco its taste. A pinch of cilantro and thinly cut onions are added on

top of the meat to compliment the seasoned flavor.

Just like a filet mignon is the star of any plate, the seasoned meat is the

star of the street taco. You can add a bit of salsa verde or salsa roja if you

want to kick the spice up a notch, but the street taco stands on its own without

the need of any condiments. These tacos may be enjoyed on the go during a

quick luch break or with your friends, lounging around with a bottle of

Jarritos in hand.

Ordering a street taco is very simple; all you do is pick the meat. The

common meat options are:

1. Lengua (tongue)

2. Asada (beef)

3. Al Pastor (marinated pork)

4. Carnitas (like pulled pork)

5. Buche (stomach)

6. Tripas (tripas)

If ordering from a taco truck will be your first rodeo, start things off

with an order of three tacos: two carne asada and one lengua. Get a nice cold

horchata and watch as your palate will thank you for treating yourself to such

a juicy delicacy.

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